Here at Coben we have worked hard to support our Nurses with credentialing to ensure that those working at an advanced level without a Masters are able to continue doing so in the future. Our Clinical lead Mark Sephton has been pivotal in offering advice, support and guidance for those Nurses who decided to explore this option

Below, one of our Nurses tells us why there is nothing to be scared of and how Coben assisted her with the process and now holds her certificate of credentialing!

Please contact us if you would like to explore this option – or call the office on 01254693067


Advanced Nurse Practitioner – KJ


“When Coben put on the Credentialing information evening late last year,  it was something I had been thinking of doing so I attended to find out more.
Mark Sephton was identified as Clinical liaison and support to Coben agency nurses interested in applying. 


After a few months of finding reasons to put it off I finally decided to go for it. 

  • I used the templates on the RCN website which identifies you what you need to provide. 
  • I completed a 1000 word (referenced) case study/reflective piece –  relating to the four pillars of ANP clinical practice – which I will be keeping towards my next revalidation evidence, due next year.
  • I completed a detailed Job Role in relation to my work days -this needs to be married up with the four pillars of practice also.
  • I found my L7 certificates and transcripts.
  • I found evidence of previous work provided for revalidation.
  • Clinical signatures – as a Locum I thought I would struggle with the clinical signatures – you need two senior clinicians to sign the Job Role and the Referee document. Not always easy if you work in different places.
  • Mark offered to sign the job role.
  • A kind GP I know/work regularly with (over the past two years) agreed to sign the other.


Before uploading all the required documentation / certificates/transcripts to the RCN website Mark kindly agreed to read through what I planned to send and add any feedback. He got back to me with a couple of pointers.


His feedback and reassuring chats gave me the boost I needed to go for it. 


Initially I had some problems with the RCN website – turns out it was a computer glitch on their side.


I eventually was able to pay £275 and uploaded the whole thing on Friday afternoon (20th March). 


On the morning of the 21st I received an email from the RCN advising I had been successful and would receive my badge and certificate within a few days!
I would also be added to the RCN credentialing clinical list. 


I am elated. I had been putting this off for so long. 


For anyone dithering on doing it…I’d say DO IT – we have a great resource in Coben and Mark Sephton who was supportive and reassuring. Use them! 


Thanks again Mark…


Kind regards,