Earn amazing bonuses with our NEW permanent post referral program.

...up to £425* for your 1st referral!

Referral Q&A's

Q. OK, what do I have to do... and how much can I earn?

A. Simply send us your referral suggestion (General Practitioner or Nurse) by clicking here.
Once we have received the referred candidate's CV and submitted them for a vacant post - we'll send you a £25 voucher.

Q. A £25 voucher? That's it?

A. Nope, there's more!!! - If your referral is then successfully placed into a permanent role by us you will receive
a further gift card of £200 for a part time position or £400 for a full time position

Q. £425 - Not bad - anything else?

A. YES! If you refer more than 1 candidate who is successfully placed within a 1 year period of your previously placed candidate,
you will receive an additional £100 voucher for every part OR full time placement

Q. Is there a limit to how much I can earn in rewards?

A. No! The more you refer the more you're rewarded. It's a sky's the limit program!
PLUS as a top referrer you can expect extra treats and special rewards throughout the year!

Q. Where can I spend my vouchers?

A. The choice is entirely up to you.
We recommend holiday vouchers, high street vouchers, concert ticket vouchers or mix and match!
If you have your own suggestions we'd be happy to hear them.

Q. Can I gift the value of my reward earnings to Charity?

A. Of course! Just tell us your preferred charities and we'll donate the pledged amount requested.

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*£425 is the total combined reward value of your referred candidate being submitted for a vacancy with any of our clients plus their successful placement into a full time role.
The full time placement does not have to be with the same client as the initial vacancy submission